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W8D1- ah such country drama

My running partner was a little stiff today, so I made her stay home. She isn't pleased with me, she was standing at the door on her back feet (so she could see out the window) crying at me as I left. Heart breaker! Anyway, I decided to look at it as an opportunity. I'm always looking at my watch (I am pace-clueless without it) and slowing down the pace my body wants to run, so I can actually finish the runs. I decided without Abs and her occasional interuptions, it would be a good time to try it 'without watch' too.

On my last run, I hit 5k in 36+ minutes. Could I do it again without good pace control? Off I went. I could tell I was running faster, but tried to keep it under control. Right at the 1mile mark I ran through a spider's web, and saw the spider land on my left shoulder. I'm not fond of spiders, I can show you my heart rate monitor data to prove it. So, while I was flailing-running, I stepped in a hole. Luckily my ankle didn't seem turned, and it got my mind off the spider that I was sure was on my back, along for the ride. I continued running with a more elevated heart rate. Long-story-not-really-short... it was about all I could do to make it to the 28 minute run for the day, but I did, barely. I slowly walked out the rest of the 5k. Oddly, I finished it in almost the exact same time as two days ago. I think I should thank the spider, I ran that second mile really fast (for me).


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Well done and I hope your running buddy feels better soon 😎

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