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1st step beyond C25K

Since graduating 2 months ago I have been running 30 mins regularly mostly 3 times a week but sometimes twice. I think I know every note of the Week 9 podcast!

I thought it is now time to stretch myself a bit more. Used the Stepping Stones podcast this morning. Thankfully it wasn't that different to the pace I have been walking and running. Not sure there was much of a difference in my running at 150 beats per minute and 160! I did run slightly further than usual so I must have been running more consistently. 🌻🌻


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Brilliant. I finished c25k last week and did park run 5k at wkd. It was really tough. Think I need to go back to week 9 podcast for another while and then do the stepping stone ones like you before attempting another park run.


I've learnt the hard way. Last Summer I graduated and moved too quickly to B210K programme. It was too difficult and I ended up being demotivated.

This time round I started knowing that completing the programme was really the beginning of the journey. As the objective is just to run I no longer worry whether the run is called W9R3 or something else.

Well done for trying a Parkrun. 🌻🌻


You totally sound like me! Graduated last spring & within a few weeks was running in a local 10K... too much, too soon... started getting injuries & lost my motivation... this year will def go more slowly when I graduate (going for w7r1 today) - thx for your post :-)

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I just completed the Stepping Stones last night and I agree there wasn't much difference. I also ran slightly quicker, so it helped.


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