Video of your run!

Oh this is so much fun! Just download the app, and link to your Garmin or Strava account, and get a video of your run!

The second link is my run if anyone is interested.

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14 Replies

  • Ooooh yeah. Nice one. Another toy 😃👍🏃‍♀️

    I actually had paper maps out yesterday but then I am so yesterday 😁

  • Yes, I use paper maps as well some times, these videos though could be a lovely souvenir of run tourism!

  • I love maps and can spend ages just studying them. My geography teacher would be shocked 😏

  • That looks cool 😺

  • Very nice toy, your run looks gorgeous Curly :)

  • I love this! Such fun. Although as I'm a "paranoid-security conscious-worrying about axe murderers on runs-kind of person" I'll only share if I run a route on holiday or far away from home.

  • You never need to share any details about your run, you can keep your video for your eyes only, I just thought this was a fun app.

    That said, lots of people on Garmin/here know where I live and run, but if they are willing to stand around somewhere I MIGHT possibly run on any given day, and/or time just in case I happen to plod past, then they are welcome to try and bash me with an axe...

  • Geek alert!!!! Yes, I love this :-)

  • Wow you were so quick😄😉😆...

    Will look at the app. Thanks Curlygurly.

  • This is great :) Yes, as Jan says, you were fairly speeding through the countryside :D

  • Lol, I think that's just the playback speed, I'm not that fast!

  • Nah, we know better :)

  • Ooh, love that.

  • I've just found this - very exciting. Might see if I can download the app later.

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