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I can do this!

Now in my 50th year - eek - and have decided I really don't want to get to the milestone fat and unfit! So started the C25K 4 weeks ago (lost 8lbs! Another 14 to go) but must admit am wavering a bit. Next run has an 8 min stint which feels a bit daunting. 6 mins seemed plenty - maybe need to pace myself a bit more for 8?! Signed up for Race for Life end June and am determined not to walk! 30 mins seems a very long way from my 6 mins!!! Any other ditherers at week 5?? 😬

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Hi Janee. I also have a halfcentury birthday looming and am doing my best to be as fit, healthy and in good shape as possible on that day (and after).

Don't worry about W5R2 or R3 or any of the preogressions in fact. they are all worked out carefully by sciencey people who know their stuff. Your body will be ready for it. Its just your mind game. Tell yourself you can do it and you can do it.

Also if you just did W5R1, that is 3 lots of 5 minutes so 15 mins in total. R2 is 2 lots of 8 mins so sixteen mins total (my six key isnt working) only one extra minute in all. Sure you can do that.


You're right - I can do this! R2 here we come! Thanks for boost! 🏃‍♀️

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A mere youngster!!!

You are totally ready for this,, every run has been building up on the last one... Your body knows this, but the Mind Gremlins always try to muscle in on the action!!

Ignore them.. or totally flatten them with every step as you complete the next run!

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