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3rd Park Run

Hi all,

I completed my 3rd Park Run this morning. I was a little dissapointed with my time of 37:23 , (my PB from last time is 36:36) however I was delighted that I managed to run for 30 minutes without stopping for the first time. I had completed week 5 of the C25K plan on Wednesday so my aim today was to start running from the start line and keep going for 20 minutes without walking, however at 20 minutes I was at a nice gentle pace and felt comfortable so just kept running and managed to keep going until 30 minutes. Then walked up a hill for about 400 meters before continuing the run to the finish line. Yahoo, I ran for 30 minutes! I love Park Run. I finished in 121st place out of a field of 144 parkrunners. Looking forward to starting Week 6 on Monday.


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Don't race yourself at this early stage! Resist the urge or you could get hurt

Slow and steady!

I wouldn't be doing Parkrun at this stage other than with the C25k podcast/app

It's not about speed, pace or distance at all. Finishing is all you have to do


No reason not to take part in a Parkrun but yes, stick to the programme - jumping from Week 5 to running 30 minutes is a big step.


Stick with the programme, the Injury Couch is really not fun at all!


Thanks all for the replies. I agree with you. I have started this plan so many times in the past that I can't keep count. When I started this time as I got to week 4 I got bored and was not getting into it. But rather than give up this time I tried a Park Run a month ago. It has really helped in keeping me motivated to continue with the plan and graduate. I now look forward to my Saturday mornings.

This forum has also helped greatly in keeping me motivated, and from reading other posts and advice from Graduates I have began to run slow and steady which is working.

I will stop racing myself with Park Runs until I graduate, but will keep them going as with out doing a Park Run I would probably have just given up. Thanks for all the advice.


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