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Hip Hip OKeeeeyyyyyy

well after a 15 day rest period went for a run/walk tonight was not looking forward to it in case it still hurt .

the chiropractor advised not to go for any medals so we agreed that i would run C25K week 4 and see how i get on till i see him again next week

All went well to be honest not sure i would have managed a 30 min run hard to think 2 weeks would make such a big difference .

did the 5 min warm up ok the first 3 and 5 min runs seemed quite hard

but no pin from the hip

Second half was not to bad and was tempted to run the 5 min cool down but the thought of hurting my self gain stopped me .

No pain what so ever in my hip so lets hope this is the start of my running again

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That's great news. Just stick to the professional advice and you should be okey dokey.


Thats good that you have seen a professional! Once you start running regularly again you soon start picking back up the stamina so just take it easy until told otherwise.


thanks princess and jacs its nice to be able to post and be part of this great forum again

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Great that you are back, as ever stay slow and steady with it all, and listen to your body Runner! 😀


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