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Hi I decided when I reached 60 that it was time to sort myself out, do some exercise and lose weight. I tried the app last year but gave up after week 4 run 1, because my knee was painful. Now I have lost 2 stone with slimming world and am determined to complete the app. I'm up to week 4 again but my knee is ok so far. Not finding it easy as never run before this. Have signed up for a 5k in September around howletts zoo park so I hope I can manage it this time! 😀

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Well done on re-starting. If you've managed to lose 2 stone it shows your determination and your knees are probably thanking you for the effort.

Week 5 looks scary, but trust the programme. Weeks 1-3 prepared you for week 4, and weeks 1-4 are preparing you for week 5.

Looking forward to following your progress :)

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Good for you ! Good time to start! That weight loss will make you feel much better I'm sure. You continue your healthy eating regime as now 🙂 You don't need any extra food while doing the programme

Your knees will be ok as long as you go nice and steady. No hurry at all. Just remember that. Slow is lovely

Good luck. Have fun!

I am nearly 60, came to the programme same as you, and now can't stop running and racing. Yeah racing., mad int it. Such fun though and who knew. Certainly not me 👍🏃‍♀️😃✔️


Hi, I too decided to start C25k when I reached the young age of 60. Took me 5 months to graduate, after having 2 restarts due to injury. My knees hurt on and off all the way thru the 5 months, but now after 4 weeks post graduation they have finally setled down. So please do persevere, you will get there.

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Oh thats good to know. I am starting week 5 and my knees have been aching constantly for years! They actually feel better since I started, so you have given me hope!

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