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Music to motivate

I graduated a couple of weeks ago but am still no way near the 5k in 30 minutes. I know some never make it, but I am only at 3.3k. I do Parkrun and have got my time down to 42.39 which although not great, is amazing for someone who struggled to run for 60 seconds a few months ago. I am still running to the C25K podcast, but am wondering if the regular time updates are helping or hindering me. I am thinking that maybe I need to progress to my own playlist of music that will help me pace myself but also be upbeat to help motivate me. I would be interested to hear what music you find works well for running to. Note, I now refer to myself as running, which is a huge progression from my previous shuffle :-)

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a couple of weeks is a really short time to expect to see a siginificant increase in speed. Revisit this in 3 months tim and see how you are doing.

In terms of what music to listen to, anyone who still listens to the C25k podcast when they dont have to is beyond advice. ;)


Thank you. I am not really expecting significant increase and was surprised I had done as well. I realise I need to try and just enjoy the running now.

I was listening to it for the timings and then all of a sudden wondered what on earth I was doing. As I said above, it is time to enjoy the running and need good music to do it to. Am thinking a little Bon Jovi :-)


I went out for my first post grad run today and ended up replacing Laura with the Today Programme on iplayer live. I planned to walk as far as I usually get in the warmup walk then run my usual route and then run for a bit further than I usually get to by the time Laura says 30 mins are up. I then realized that my Fitbit one can actually record stats on a run and give you an announcement for every km you complete so I added that to the mix. It was actually a real hard run and by the end of it I felt a bit dizzy and faint - not sure why. Maybe it was a bit muggy but anyway the point is it was a very different experience measuring my run on distance rather than amount of time running. So I recommend giving it a go.


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