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New to C25k Advice?

Hey guys, I'm new here. I was just wondering if you had any advice for starting C25k? I am about 55lbs overweight and about 70ish pounds from where I want to be. Using myfitnesspal, I've begun cutting my calories to about 1210-1400/day and now I've decided to start an exercise plan. I'm severely out of shape and I figured c25k would be a good place to start. Do you do anything on top of c25K? 30min/day doesn't seem like a lot? I know I'm out of shape and will probably just want to rest after doing c25k, but I also really want to lose around 2lbs/week so will just doing c25K and then walking/yoga/other exercise on the rest days be enough or should I add something to my c25k days?

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Initially I would suggest just doing C25k. Let your body get used to that. Then after a few weeks, start adding some more stuff into the mix. Build gradually. Build consistently. But build sustainably. Otherwise after 6 weeks you may be so exhausted and burned out that you start skipping days and then that is a slippery slope. Its a marathon not a sprint, remember.

As regards your diet. Well done for using MFP, that is a sensible route to managing and monitoring your intake and being accountable, but 12-1400cal sounds quite radical. Have you calculated your BMR based on your current weight correctly? 2lb/week is not an unreasonable target, and would require a net deficit of around 1000/cal/day. If you set too low a calorie intake you again run the risk of not being able to sustain it, not through lack of willpower but just energy levels etc.

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