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So I've started. I'm 48 and about 3 1/2 stone overweight. A friend last week ( not overweight) got a group of 4 of us to give this a go. I was reluctant, felt I would make a fool of myself. The first 'run' I was in a different town from them. The walking section they turned and walked back to me. The second session we found a large field which was better, both on joints and for company. It's our 3rd session today, the running parts are tough who would know a minute was so long...I really struggle but determined to see this through. I need to get fit, watch what I eat and loose the weight! I'll keep you updated with my progress... couch to 5k, I can do it but think it may take me more than 30 minutes at my speed 😉.

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Speed isn't essential at this stage. We are first building stamina. You will get a lot of advice on here telling you to slow down. You will see the importance of this advice as the runs get longer. In order to run over a period you need to pace yourself.

Aim to run for 30 mins by week 9. When you have achieved that (and you will), then build towards 5k

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Sound advice... as you know, I am always going on about slow and steady... I have seen too many folk race ahead and end up on the IC!

The stamina takes so long to build up and our running strength... way past nine weeks.... but it is such good fun progressing! :)


Forget 5K...!!! Honestly, the programme name is a bit confusing... ( Couch to thirty minute run is not very catchy!)

If you check out Irish-John 's post... a massive proportion of Graduates, including some of our terrific half marathon and marathon runners, on the forum, ever ran or run 5K in 30 minutes:)

This is a gradual, structured programme intended to get you, injury free and having had fun...( it is about having fun...) to running for thirty minute in nine weeks( or longer ) if you need more time :)

Off-road running is great... I love it... and it will give you some really good running experience. Take it steady and take it slow.. linked with a healthy eating regime, this is a perfect combination to feeling better mentally and physically.

But... remember, this is your journey, so you take it at your own pace...even with your lovely friends:) Keep posting.. we are right here :)

Go you!


well done, you've made a great decision

Take it as slow as you want and need to, remember slow is good! Don't be tempted to try and keep up with your friends if they're faster than you. The aim is to complete the runs and gradually build up to running for 30 mins whatever the distance, doesn't matter.

Keep posting and let us know how you get on and read others posts, we've all had / having the same journey x


I am a slow runner. But I'm still running & getting all the benefits you are after. Keep going & remember it's the basic structure of c25K which you need to follow. Ignore the 5k & don't think it's 9 weeks or nothing. I had to take 13 weeks because my body needed me to repeat some weeks before it was ready to move on to the next.

You'll get there. You sound like you are determined to get there. Good luck. 😊


Good luck! Keep going with the programme, even if your mates fall by the wayside. It is a stonkingly good programme and will encourage you, hopefully, to want to clean up your act and get fit and healthy. If you stick to it you will amaze yourself.

Sticking to plans is the thing! Be a sticker 😃🏃‍♀️💪🍒🍅🌶🥔🍆🍑🍍🥒🍠🥕🥝🥑🌽🥜🍤🥗🥙🥛☕️

I lost quite a bit of weight before finding out about this programme -from a fellow weight watcher- and since starting have lost another stone.

You can do it but you have to be single minded, and tough on yourself at times


Thank you everyone my next run this afternoon 😊


I think you're particularly brave going out with people who are on a completely different fitness level to you - well done! I would have been too chicken when I started. Everyone here's right - just do this at your own pace. If you push yourself too hard you with either injure yourself or get fed up and quit. Keep posting here for lots of pats on the back!!


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