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So, I'm supposed to start w3 tomorrow. I'm recovering from a compressed disk in my lower back. Yesterday morning I Started feeling that familiar niggle in my hip.. by the afternoon it was a constant pain. It's eased off today, so I think I might go and try a week 1 session just to get me out and moving, maybe a week 2 session Monday or Tuesday and then bump on to 3 if it's clear. It's so frustrating though as I was going so well.

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Maybe it's too soon ? You could stick to short walks til it's better

There are some yoga exercises for all sorts of back injuries which might help. Are you having physio? What does doc say?


Doc says I need to lose weight. The pain isn't from running, that has been fine. I've either slept funny or just done something silly. The original injury happened in September, this is just left over niggles!


You get niggles as a new runner. They are mostly just that,and if we run slowly and take a rest day, then we get through ok

Good luck 🙂


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