Hi, I'm 34, vegetarian, overweight but not by more than about 3stone. I put it on when I had undiagnosed unmedicated hyperthyroidism. I'm medicated now but still unfit and unhappy about it. I could shift ithe weight if I excercise more - but I go blood red in my face!! And I feel like I'm having an asthma attack. It's always been this way.

Currently paying for a gym membership but not going.

How can I catch the excercise bug?


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  • Welcome to the forum! Download the NHS c25k app or podcast and just get going. There's lots of good advice on here from graduates about taking it slowly to avoid injury and build up fitness gradually. I've always been terrible at running but have really noticed an improvement doing this (I'm on wk4). Let us know how your first run goes and we'll be here to cheer you on! X

  • if you don't want to exercise then you won't. Nothing can make you, except you.

    Try it, you might like it 🙂

  • Sadly there isnt a #loveexercising pill you can take. Running is the best though, do the programme and by the end you may well have caught the bug.... #GFI

  • I don't know how you catch it, but I know from experience what won't work. Don't bite off more than you can chew before you're ready. It is very easy to be put off exercise by thinking, "I'm going to go and run round the block" and then finding out we can't actually run to the end of the street. I know this from experience!

    The brilliant thing about the NHS's Couch to 5k is that it works for people who can't run to the end of their street. It builds up gradually and each session is hard but not impossible. Many of us on here are still amazed a year or more after completing it that we did it because many of us on here hadn't really exercised at all before.

    When I was doing the plan, I didn't know about this forum although I did have a few friends who were doing it with me, which was good. Having support makes a big difference, and we can give you that if you hang out here.

    Re the weight, I lost about 3 stone or so over about six months, the first 9 weeks of which were on the plan. Running definitely helped! But you need to watch what you eat too of course.

    And re going red in the face, I still do that. And I don't care any more. :) The only tip I have is don't buy red running tops. The effect is a bit overwhelming I think! :)

  • Noted! 😡 hahaha!

  • Like any journey it can only begin with the first step

    I'm plodding through the programme currently (week 6) and I think I was really helped by being a regular and quick walker (indeed I think I walk faster than I was running!)

    So if running seems too much what about regular walks gradually building stamina and speed, and noticing the positive impact of being out doors and moving.

    That said many people on here start from zero and seem to quickly discover the joy of running 🏃

    I think that exercise is massively reinforcing. Start and it will be hard to stop!

  • I have actually started walking home from work and I'm finding that I can just about make myself believe I will enjoy it once I start! I think the level of tiredness I feel is still thyroid related - but maybe I can get over that with a bit of a push! Thanks!

  • There's no magic button to press, but if you don't try, you'll never find out! You want to get started - that's why you're here, right? There's no better time than the present - so download the programme and give it a try, and let us know how it went :) I saw something that rang true today: "Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. Time will pass anyway". GO for it.

  • What a brilliant quote.

  • Set yourself a day to start and stick to it- cancel the gym and save the money - you'll feel better both in body and pocket! Good luck you can do it!!

  • Do this programme and check in here at least once every couple of days. I defy anyone not to succumb to the positivity!

  • I had undiagnosed hyperthyroidism for a good few years, now after radiation treatment I am hypothyroid. I have always felt that my body is quite protective against sharp increases in heart rate and when I was going through the program I had to work at starting off running really slow and let my body get used to it. It is a great feeling though when you find the right pace for yourself, keep going and if they have a free one to one at your gym ask them to take you through one of the weeks on the treadmill and let them help get you used to the pace for you to run without it feeling like too much pressure on your body.

  • This is really common sensical... I will do that. I just felt too embarrassed before. Those people are so healthy! It's intimidating! But reading what you wrote I thought it sounded pretty reasonable lol!

  • Just open your mind... otherwise this state of affairs continues... and...

    " Sometime, has a habit of becoming never...."

    Go for it... we will be waiting for you :)

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