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Very different - treadmill to track!

Hello! I did my first run earlier in the week at the gym on the treadmill and it went well. Did day two today on a footpath (uneven) and it was so much harder! Kept going and glad for it but just a good learning point! Also the sun came out just for me - which was great until I was sweating buckets! 😂 Good luck everybody - we can do this!!

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Good for you. I made the transition from treadmill to outside and the secret is to run very slowly as it's harder to pace yourself. It sounds a lovely run especially as the sun came out for you 🌞

Well done.

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Yeah started venturing outside myself recently and it is indeed very different but as stated already, slow right down. Also avoid hills to begin with. I run round a large playing field. I do however still do runs at the gym so I mix it up but it's usually do to other exercises I do at the same time. The gym accommodates that. Also get some company, decent pair of blue tooth headphones and a pouch for you key and phone/ipod. Running alone with no distractions is tough.

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