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Running Watches

What does everyone recommend?

Needs GPS of course and I'd like to be able to see my heart rate, at a glance and without a chest strap.

The TomTom cardio does the job, it seems and there's also a Music version of you want to leave your phone/iPod at home. Anyone use this?

Not sure how much the ability to leave my phone at home would be an influence. I'm not much of a leave my phone at home person, frankly. Plus it'd be another thing to sync with new music.

Anyway, be interested to hear if anyone uses a GPS/HRM watch and get their thoughts...

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I've just bought myself a Garmin Forerunner 235. A bit pricey, but I've been running for a year and I thought it was about time I monitored my heart rate. I'm loving it at the moment - all those new statistics! But have only had it a few days. The heart rate monitor works without a strap and any cross checks I've done with my blood-pressure monitor seem to confirm the figures. Loads of people use Garmin on here, but there are of course other makes. Have fun choosing!

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+1 for Garmin FR 235.

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