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Back in the zone

Well last night was third week at the running club, and definitely I am improving, the calves are still causing me problems but I won't be defeated, and the group are so supportive and encouraging giving me lots of tips to help with this.

Thanks to you all who also gave me advice as I am following this and gradually they will recover.

I was tempted to do park run.... But I really can't run on grass I feel like I'm treading in treacle, and I don't want to aggravate my legs more, but maybe one day.....for now I'm happy to be back in the Zone 😎

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Lovely... :) Well done you :)x

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Well done! It was lucky the rain stopped just before the start time last night !😊

Parkrun is dipping between Ryde and Newport at the moment.. we are in the 3rd week of Appley then back to seaclose for 3 weeks then back to Ryde. The appley route has around 80% tarmac and is really pretty!

The parkrun at medina is along the cycle track towards island harbour so the only grass is a lap of the field at the start and finish of the run! Its a great atmosphere!😊


Thanks Aliboo may give it a go in a couple of weeks😊

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