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Lacking motivation

My first three weeks practice for a 10k R4L went really well;

Week 1: 3x 25mins. Walk/jog, 2x gym. cardio/weights

Week 2: 2x 30mins. walk/jog, 2x gym. Cardio/weights

Week 3: 2x35mins. Walk/jog 1x gym.

Then bam lost mojo! In the last three weeks I've only one one walk/jog each week. 2x 35mins and today a 43min 5.8k walk/jog (did stop for five mins to stroke a horse mind you!)

The run is on the 11th of June and I weigh 90kg!!! I eat crap all day and I just can't stop. I don't know how to motivate myself. I've had low mood for many years now and being an adult gets me down.

I don't expect to run the whole 10k. I just want to have more stamina and not be so out of breath so quickly.

Sorry for the rant but needed somewhere to vent. Xx

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We all have a bad week sometimes. Try to put that behind you now, make a plan for this week - put your run sessions in your diary if that helps you keep to them - or tell us when they're going to be, and we'll motivate you and encourage you to come back and tell us how it goes. You can do this! :)

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You can stop! Once you get your eating under control you will start to feel better. Run outdoors and walk more to help your mood. You are an adult so you can do Things! Come on! You have a race to run. Kick some ass 😃

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I know I know lol. Been fat for 17yrs so it's a struggle. I will get there though I'm sure! X


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