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Fatmomma wants to be slimmomma

Hi all after being diagnosed with a large cyst the docs have said it needs removing BUT i ned to loose some weight to make the op safer and recovery period quicker.. So im calorie counting 1300 a day and ned to incorporate some excercise. I have never run in my 35years so thought id give it a whirl! Just wondering tho the calories i burn running do i eat them or half of them worried about going into starved mode.

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The calories you will be burning in the early stages of running will not be significant enough to tip you into stavation mode. Women burn, on average, about 90 calories/mile running, so even by the end of the programme you are looking at a round 250-270 cals 3 times a week, which as an average of your weekly calories is not that much. That's not to say it won't help with weight loss, but it will do so gradually and not dramatically.

So no, don't eat your running calories. Do, however, make sure the foods you are eating are geared towards your new more active lifestyle. 1300/day is fairly tight but sustainable and, especially if you go low carb and concentrate on a fat burning approach.

Have you looked at the 'Eat this much?' app/website? You input your calorie target and the type of diet you wish to follow - paleo or ketogenic or whatever and it provides examples of meal plans for you.



Welcome to this forum, and congratulations on starting out on a new, healthier you. You've come to the right place.

Ok, there is a myth about 'running calories'. When you are starting out doing the C25K program, you'll be burning about 200 calories each run. To put that in perspective, it's about the same calories as a piece of bread, or the same calories as sniffing a piece of cheese. So please don't get back from a run and give yourself a treat. That'll be counter-productive as you'll easily eat more calories than you expended.

A very simple rule is:

You are not allowed to eat your running calories.

Only you know if 1300 calories per day is realistic.

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Welcome... :) Good advice from the others... :)

Are you on the Weight Loss NHS forum as well as this... quite a few folk on here, are on there as well and it seems to link in really well.

Very well done for starting this... so keep posting!


You don't need any extra calories for the C25k programme. Eat less, more more is the mantra

It's only walking with very tiny jogs to start with. No danger of starving!

Enjoy yourself. It's right fun! As long as you go nice and steady that is


Thank you all for your help and advice will let you know how firat one goes later today


Just go very slowly. Put a smile on your face, tell yourself it's going to be great, and enjoy it 🙂


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