Tips for leg cramp?

Thanks everyone who commented on my last post where I was struggling with week 4. I've just done week 4 run 2 😊 and although apprehensive about the jump up in week 5 I'm feeling much happier than I was!

Today though my legs were really tight and crampy. I almost had to stop but so proud I didn't. I think it's because I spent a lot of time yesterday gardening which I would not normally do.

Anyone got any tips to avoid or ease the cramps? It's mainly in my calves



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9 Replies

  • Pickle juice. The liquid from in a a jar of pickled gherkins.

    It sounds weird but there is some scientificiness behind it that explains how it tricks the brain into switching off the crap messages and blah blah.

    Most importantly it works. I took a little flask of it on a marathon length obstacle race and not only alleviated my own cramps every time they began, I also became 'Doctor Pickle' administering the remedy to several other competitors including a team of Italians who were astounded by its efficacity. You only need a tiny nip at a time. Works in seconds.

  • Well I never would have thought of that! 😊 Thanks

  • Start doing calf stretches -regularly - heel dips on the stairs are good. Always stretch post run and probably post gardening !

  • You can use it as liquid in your bread recipes Rig. If you eat bread that is 🙂

    I grow cornichons! Yummy

    I drink the apple cider vinegar, the one with the "mother" in it. It's really pleasant. I add a bit of orange and some sparkling spring water

    The pickle liquid is fine isn't it. I think people should try it 🙂

  • Bread? BREAD? Thoukiddest me, surely.

    I do however produce my own kombucha and the giant scobie mother in the 'Organism vat' as the children call ot, produces endless babies, which I put pieces of into y breakfast smoothies.

  • Haha yes probably post gardening too I am very unfit! Thanks 😊

  • I love bread! 😊 I know, I, know, it's horribly unfashionable but it will still be there when all the fads have come and gone. I make my own so at least I know it's real. Loving oat bread at the mo

    Kombucha! Kimchi. Love all that jazz

  • I do love bread and still make it for the children, but don't eat any starchy carbs at all. I will confess that I do sniff fresh loaves though. The vicarious thrills of the faddy foody.

  • Magnesium good for cramps also - you could be a bit depleted, most people are. Take it either as a supplement before you go to bed (helps to relax you also) about 200-400mg and/or spray your calves within BetterYou Magnesium spray. "Transdermally" as it's known is actually a good way to get the magnesium into your body if you don't like taking tablets.

    Great to hear so many people making their own bread and eating the fermented foods!

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