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Running by Myself

This morning decided to go for a run and make a start on running three times a week anyway grabbed the phone but it was flat so put it on charge but decided I needed to go so watch on countdown timer set for 5 minutes and off we go no Laura today so decided to run till I felt pooped tried some rough running and road and pavement and ran for 55 minutes including warm up/warm down and managed 6.42km probably could have gone on but wanted to do 5km will see what Wednesday brings because I now need some new socks as I have a hole in one and I don't mean the one at the top

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Brillient, well done!


I am wondering now if I should move up to 10 km or increase distance until I get there and then move up any advice welcome


I think you are a recent graduate? You are a similar age to me also. So, i would consolidate three runs a week, doing one 5k a week at least (park run?). When you feel you have nailed 5k as a standard distance increase one run a week by no more than 10% of you total weekly milage.

There are the 5k+ podcasts, Stepping Stones, speed and stamina you could try.....quite challenging depending on your current pace.

Interval running, fartlek, hill training, loads to choose from.

It is your journey so you make the decisions. Just get out and run, enjoy, but remember slow and steady 😎👍🏼

If the question was relating to joining the B210k forum.....,, yes do join, the info and advice on there will help you in this next stage. You will see many of us you recognise.🎓


Progress gradually and slowly. Sudden increases could hurt you

The job of getting to 10k is really a great time if you do it right. I used stepping stones first and then Sami podcasts. I still use both - a lot!

Have fun ☺

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