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Week 9 - put a recovery run in there

Been MIA for a while - had a big deadline with my course writing contract job, moved house and helped out with a youth camp so hadn't run for nearly 2 weeks - whoops :)

Set out this morning for a wee recovery run; 3 or 4 minute walk down our hilly gravel driveway and then headed up the road round the coast. I ran 1 km and then had a quick recovery walk and then another km with a quick break and then 1 more. Really happy with it, breathing was good, legs felt good and I was able to keep up a good pace as I ran alongside the sea.

Just have two more 30 minute runs to do and then I can get my shiny graduate button - woo-hoo!

Happy running everybody!

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That recovery run was a great idea Ajtarbotton...Good luck with your last two runs of the program.😊

Keep going...

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The recovery run was a great idea.

I was talking to a guy yesterday who had done a good few marathons and triathlons etc., and is currently nearing the end of training for a another marathon and he said 'I used to think that recovery runs were stupid, but I've recently realised just how beneficial they are to your body and use them all the time now'

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