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losing fat and finally seeing it!

So ive been doing the c25k 4 weeks ive been cutting out crap food since the middle of january. crisps, biscuits WHITE BREAD!!!, going from eating several packets of crisps a day and up to 10 slices of bread a day to literally none at all, at first it was like giving up nicotine again!! the pain

people say ive lost weight and kinda feel embarrassed, is that normal? lol but yea i looked in the mirror this morning and thought "you skinny b******" never thought i would ever be able to do this. tried many times in the past and failed at the first hurdle. something just clicked i guess. hyped to do this local run in june.

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Yep, just by making even small changes to our diet and exercise levels we can transform ourselves. Saves money too so we can buy running shoes 😁

This is for life though. So stay on it. A healthy, balanced diet forever! Once you kick the junky eats you don't miss em. Replacing packets and ready meals, takeaways etc saves wads of dosh. If you walk more, rather than taking the car or bus then you save there as well. It's all good

In defence of white bread though, it's easily digested, so a slice of it buttered with a bit of jam, marm or peanut butter makes a good Pre-run snack 😛

Keep going with the running. Slow and steady though!! It's early days! Going carefully is so important to avoid injury.

Have fun 🙂


cool yea i will do that! usually have a slice of brown with jam and peanut.


Well done, don't be embarrassed be bloody proud that you are putting your health first 😊👍🏻


Well done! Don't feel embarrassed - that's a great achievement and you should be proud of yourself! Replace bad habits with good ones that you enjoy as much -gradually, and one at a time. I replaced crisps with a small handful of almonds, which I enjoy just as much but are much better for me. Beer has been replaced by lime cordial and fizzy water.

Now go and sign up for that race!

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Fantastice, huge well done on your weight loss and that's a great goal for that race... you've got this 💪🏻

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