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One year runiversary in style


Hello everyone in this uplifting community! I just wanted to share how much running has brought to my life both physically and mentally (although overcoming those gremlins continues to be a challenge most days...) It's been one year since I first went out there on W1R1 of C25K. I graduated in the Summer (taking my time and repeating some weeks until it felt right) and I have stuck at it. I celebrated my runiversary (which also happened to be my birthday) last weekend with my first ever Parkrun, and it felt fantastic!

Here's wishing everyone many enjoyable Springtime runs!

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Happy Runniversary 😀 Sounds like you had a great day 😀 Parkrun is just brilliant int it.


Happy Runiversary (and birthday) :)

Sounds like your doing great, i did my first park run at New year, what a great experience it was.

As for the springtime runs I cant wait, i live in a rural village and winter is a nightmare for going out running as its so dark between villages so haven't run as often as i would have liked but now the evenings are going to get lighter I am looking forward to getting back out there :)


Happy Runniverary and happy birthday! Will you be a Parkrun regular?

Congratulations and Happy Birthday.

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