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Redoing c25k but faster: update

Hello fellow Runners! I posted earlier about doing the whole programme again but faster as a bit bored and unmotivated. Did R1W1 thinking it will be a piece of cake...

Well, well, well it wasn't!

All walks at 6.5kph and all runs at 10kph left me fairly tired and feeling that running bug again 😄😁🏃🏃

Until Wednesday, happy Running!

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Just be careful!!!! Now is the time that you could potentially hurt yourself!!! The danger now is getting too enthusiastic regarding speed. What you most probably need now is better stamina - rather than faster speed as such. You can probably already run quite "fast" - but you don't have the stamina to do it for 5k!! So it is stamina that needs work - not raw speed


I have regularly nipped back and used the program to do interval training to improve speed. I find it helpful to have that comforting schedule and Lauras words of encouragement


Hello... I planned to do this, too! I was going to do it as a little extra (on the rest days) because I'm enjoying the running so much, but after the first session I realised it was at least as hard as running for 2km non-stop (which I've started to do, trying to improve my speed) so I haven't done it again yet! I plan to though, but certainly not on "rest" days!


Someone else wrote a similar post a while back and I meant to reply at the time but it slipped my mind.

IMO, this is absolutely the wrong thing for an inexperienced runner to do. C25K is a walk/run interval programme designed to bring you from a low/zero fitness base to running continuously for 30 mins. Speed doesn't come in to it at all and the "5K" in the title is just a catchy element. Some participants manage to reach 5K by the end of week 9 but that's not the point.

There are plenty of programmes out there that will help you improve speed but you shouldn't be doing that kind of training now. The correct way to proceed after C25K is firstly to consolidate and develop an ingrained habit by running 3x 30min per week for several months. During this time you will most likely get faster but that will be entirely natural due to improving fitness. Even more so if you work on other aspects of your health, smoking, drinking, diet etc.

Later, you can think about speed work, hills, greater distances etc. Patience is the key but if you're lacking in motivation, consider parkruns and/or club membership as a way to introduce some variety. Most running clubs welcome inexperienced runners and increasingly, many clubs operate their own C25K-style beginners groups.

Good luck!


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