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Today felt different

Good morning folks , Usual early morning gym start and hopped on the treadmill and set my time of 20 mins . I usually manage 10 mins running before i conk out but i kept on going today with minimal effort. Its the first time I kept running and didnt really feel like i'd pushed myself for once. So i kept up for 15 this time and power walked the final 5.Even managed heavier weights on the machines and my rowing strokes per minute were at a higher constant. But what got me today is for 2 weeks running ive had a 2nd person say i look different and have I lost weight? I don't know how to take it really as my scales have remained on 18 stone for the last month . I mean its gone up and down a few pounds but usually the same but I do feel alot better and people are commenting so I don't know. I admit I dont eat that well at all Im a terrible fussy eater lol. All I can think of doing is continuing and improving my fitness and go with the flow.

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Aren't you following the programme? Running on its own will not result in much weight loss unless you combine it with a healthy diet, but your body will look leaner 😊


No I only run indoors and it's too much to manage fiddling around with that awful app plus my other fitness apps. I don't just run


Running is running and it doesn't matter where you do it. The podcasts are better than the apps.


Ahh my headphones just fall out and I hate wearing them to be honest. I work to the principles of the plan but not word for word. At the moment I'm working at consistently running 20 mins. They I'll progress further. I do a full circuit training on the weights and 2k rows. I walk alot at work too so I'll get there. Food is an issue as I have issues with selective eating but that will have to take longer. I just eat less of what I did. Half portions and lots of water. It's better than the life I was living before. I didn't do a thing and honestly I found this forum out of chance and originally thought it was just a community for like minded people. I like to read and share story's and experiences along the way.

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