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W8R3 through wind and rain. What after wk9?

A couple of rainy runs around Dublin and one back home in Yorkshire saw me through wk8. Actually beginning to feel like a runner - no more sore muscles and hobbling (at least at current level of effort).

I'm wondering what others do after wk9? I'm thinking of a period of running 5ks comfortably and quicker, over different terrain (eg local fells), and working on general strength before thinking about bridging to 10k. Any experiences?

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The world is your oyster, really! A period of consolidating 5k is a really sensible idea though, as this enables you to build up those running legs! Increasing distance is something that many of us decide to do, but some just like to work on their 5k. When you are ready there are two other forums linked to this one called 'Bridge to 10k' and 'Marathon running and race support'. Be warned though, this running thing is pretty addictive (you have probably already found this!) ...I started off with C25K and am now up to Half Marathon with my first organised HM in a couple of weeks! Good luck, wherever your journey takes you!🙂

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Being a free runner is awesome and scary in equal measure. The C25K structure is great but so is setting your own goals and simply enjoying running. The most important thing for me was the continuing commitment to three runs every week. That gave me structure. I carried on running for 30 minutes 3 times a week and on a good run, just kept going, nice and slow until I got to 5k! Then I moved to 3 x 5k a week. This was a real challenge for a while, several months and I feel 5k is a great base run. After that, I moved to 2 x 5k plus a long run (which started at 5.5, then a 6, 7, 8 and a 10). Just see how your legs are on a run, what is recovery like, maybe run for fun in different places too. Free runners do what they want - and there does really come a time when I enjoyed running!!


I'd definitely recommend continuing running 3x a week and one of those being a parkrun, if there's one near you. That was all I needed to take the next steps to 10km 😊

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