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Muscle vs fat??

I don't know what to think of this article


I beleive it is common concensus here that running doesn't seem to cause us to lose much weight - but our body size seems to say something else. Only yesterday, I was emphatically told that "you have lost more weight!!' To which my response was - "you had better tell my bathroom scales that!"

What do you think about the photos - obviously her body shape has changed - but is there a bit pf photographic artistry going on there too???

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It is Fox News, Bazza....... nuff said!

I haven't been running much recently and my stomach has developed a gentle bulge, but my weight has not changed. Toned muscle definitely changes body shape..... so does Photoshop.


Obviously the mobile phone is just a prop, these are not selfies. The lighting in the fitter version of her more direct, created to accentuate the muscles.

That said, she doesn't just run. The article says she's liftIng weights five times a week, and that causes far more change to the body shape than just running.

I think there probably is a change to her shape, but it has definitely been accentuated in the photos.

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Doesn't say how long between the pictures but can't help feeling photoshop is in there somewhere.

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I love Photoshop, it makes even me look good!!!

With the running, I have changed shape... I think the bulgy bits got channelled into other bits and I evened out!

I lost weight initially with C25K, but that was after a very good 7 week holiday in France.. then lost a little bit too much and then it went on again... and a real change in shape..just a good weight now and leaner and trimmer.. and tauter!

Definitely a photo job.. :)


I haven't lost any weight but my neighbour keeps insisting I have. I look fine in clothes and my shape is ok but all my hard work is wrecked by ghastly cellulite from my waist to my knees. So I guess it's great we live in a country where it's perfectly normal to be wrapped up in head to toe thermals year round.


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