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Some firsts for me

I am officially on W8,R2, but just run my first evening exercise in over 15 years and

Run for 30 minutes non-stop and felt comfortable (despite dripping with sweat) enough that I felt I could have run for longer! I had even upped the speed yet again. (6.3km now, so not fast or anything)

Feeling on top of the world right now!

If someone had told me 15 years ago when I went down with M.E that I would one day be well enough to run for half an hour, especially early evening, I'd have never believed them.

Think I will try to carry on running for half an hour for the next couple of runs and see how I go. What do you all think? I'm not over-doing it, am I?

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Well done NickiCS , you deserve to feel on top of the world! I'm afraid I'm a stickler for following this programme to the letter. I would hate to think that just because I was impatient, I pushed too much and injured myself and then was unable to carry on. I'm still slow and steady, as Oldfloss and many others have drilled this into me time and time again. You know your own body, but please be careful...xx


You're not far away from graduation and a couple of minutes extra probably won't do any harm if you're feeling good. I can't imagine that running 30 mins instead of 28 is going to cause injury. That said this is all about building up stamina now and you need the longer runs to do that. So I would still do the rest of the programme before claiming your graduate badge and setting off into the big wide world of running! Good luck - enjoy!

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