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W7R3 - a glorious run into the sunset

Set off on brisk walk with glorious sunset straight ahead slightly regretting the planned route and two left turns up ahead which would turn my back on it. A mile later it re-appeared into view, still stunning, keeping the spirits up. My legs were tired from Monday and Wednesday's runs; as the minutes ticked by the sky slowly turned a deeper blue streaked with orange. With two minutes to go, I reluctantly turned away from it again, heading up a hill, my legs slowly turning to lead. Another turn, sweeping slowly round and the copper sky greeted me again - and all downhill to 25 minutes.

If only all runs could be this good for the soul.

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What a gorgeous way to end week 7.


Beautiful.... sounds a wonderful run... :)

For me, I have to say any run soothes my soul... :) Just so glad to be off the IC and out there:)

Well done you... onwards and upwards and getting there wonderfully! :)


Sounds a gorgeous time to run!


Sounds like a perfect run! Week 8 ahead! :)


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