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I, like probably many others, have read posts on here, not really believing after that first venture out - be it early morning, late at night or heavily disguised - that by sticking to the regime, the minutes would actually pass, along with previously unreachable landmarks.

Remarkably, I have completed week 6 and from those first 'hidden away' runs I now am brave enough to run through my village. I still can't quite believe it and all the more so that I started this journey in January to support a colleague who then only did 2 runs and stopped.

I do prefer running on tracks, rather than the hard tarmac, which is leaving me with painful ankles and am now delighting in planning off- road routes in the hope that they will be soon dry enough for me to venture along them. I also want to try and become less obsessed with how far I have run in a given time.

So, if you are like me, a person who used to regard people out running in all weathers as 'mad' then beware - you will probably become one of those aforementioned people. I have run - well moved slightly quicker than walking pace at times - in below zero, in rain and in snow. Did I get a 'buzz' when returning home after my achievements? Most certainly yes!

So, thank you to everyone who has written posts to inspire new people like me.

I hope that I can inspire just one person to carry on - it really does build up your stamina without you really realising it.

So don't procrastinate - just put on your running shoes and get out that door. If I can do it, so can you!

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Great stuff, well done.


Brilliant! I graduated in a blizzard, so yes, I am one of those mad people. Hahaha!


Truer words never spoken! 😊


What a lovely post. So true, I think many of us can recognise all of those feelings. I too went from treadmill, to hiding, to running outside happily by about Week 7. That buzz is addictive and what keeps us going back to it. Enjoy your last few weeks of the programme, you know the score, no advice needed. :)


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