W7R2...just as well I'm a stubborn, determined whatsit!

My legs feel fine running for 25 minutes...my heart feels ok...but the heat pouring out of me makes me question whether I can run for 25 minutes.

However, as I said, I am such a stubborn, determined person (my Mother's and Grandmother's genes), I told myself, just keep going, one foot in front of the other.

Then, I know from what others have said that Laura tells you to up the pace for the last minute...so I did, of course, by 0.5 'm for 30 seconds then another 0.5'm for the last 30 seconds, only it felt so good by then I ran for a few seconds more...but I am sensible and decided not to push myself far from the program, as it works so well.

As a result, I am feeling so happy right now. I'm not just thinking about finishing and graduating, but how I can speed up, do running on an incline, start running outside and all sorts of things. It was only Christmas Day I started running, never having run before - not even in school! Amazing! Still a lovely beetroot coloured face though.

If I can do it, so can anyone.

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  • Well done! Metabolism and thyroid function are some important factors in body heat generation. Say, people with hyperthyroidism may generate a lot of body heat. But I'm just going to assume you're healthy and it's a matter of a higher metabolism and possibly, dare I say it, body mass..😊

  • Interesting Dave... maybe that is why I don't get hot and...errr... sweaty..:)

  • Glow for the ladies floss!😊

  • πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Dave. My BMI is in the healthy range...need to lose half a stone to be in the centre of this. I have recovered from 15 years of M.E., so it maybe my body does not know what hard work is!

    I feel good otherwise, so will plod on and hope it reduces over time.

  • Hi NickiCS

    We ll done on getting this far, If you can do 25mins, then next two weeks will hopefully be a joy as you finish the programme. I really enjoyed the long runs of the last few weeks.

    It sounds like you are blessed with the same affliction that I have. My wife runs with winter tights on sports bra, t-shirt, outer layer and a light raincoat and says that it was a cold run. I run in shorts and a technical t-shirt, and am roasting hot after about 5 mins. Even after a run I need to wait a good half hour after a run before showering, otherwise after the shower I start sweating and negates the shower for feeling fresh.

    It doesn't seem to matter whether I do 5k, 10k or half marathon, I always return with a beaming face that takes hours to disappear.

    Can't suggest anything at all about how to help with this. I think maybe some people are warm people. I know it isn't a fitness issue as I must have some level of fitness if I can run half marathons. I have just begun to accept the beetroot face as a badge of honour.

  • I leave the top of my head uncovered 99.9% of the time to let the heat escape πŸ˜€

  • Go you... hot or not you are doing just fine :)

    The great thing is, you are enjoying and already looking forward to all the exciting things you can go onto after Graduation...Marvellous!


    Beetroot is one of the in shades on here.. along with Puce and Pillar Box Red :)x

  • I like your variety of shades - I don't tend to sweat a lot, I just go all shades of red πŸ˜† always have done.

    One of the reasons I love running in winter and rain - it makes for lighter shade of red πŸ˜‰

  • I have a high colour too..rosy cheeks..that is why I rarely wear red..in case I clash! πŸ™‚

  • I get really hot when I run too, I've not worn a hat at all when out for a run this winter, and I usually have to take my buff off mid way through too. Oh, and I more than live up to my name when I get home too! :-)

  • I get really hot aswell and always sweat even if I'm lightly dressed (t-shirt and lightweight jacket) in temperatures of minus 13! Gloves come off after about 5 mins and I hate scarves or buffs when I'm running. That's just the way I am - and it takes a while for the sweat to stop pouring off me when I've finished.

  • Great post and so true! The stubborn element certainly helps (I know it did for me). It's nice that you're already thinking about life post-graduation so you're clearly hooked! :)

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