My 70th Birthday workout!

My 70th Birthday workout!

If someone had told me even 10 yrs ago that I would take up the couch25k challenge I would have laughed at such a ridiculous suggestion. However after completing run 2 of Week 2 this morning on my 70th birthday alongside my husband of 50yrs I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I was fortunate to be in the position to be able to attempt this feat. I am now ready to celebrate with my wonderful family and friends who have no idea that we are doing this.


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  • Good for you! I hope you weren't running in those shoes...

  • Ha! Ha! not yet. Give me a couple of months!


    What a brilliant post, how great to be able to do it together too. When are you going to let the family and friends in on your secret?

  • I think we will let them in on the secret when we complete the program otherwise they may try and scupper our attempts, not in a negative way but I think some anxiety may be experienced by one of our offspring.

  • Fantastic both of you. It must be wonderful for both of you to have someone to share the experience with. I'm a similar age, started before Christmas, gave up, restarted in January and so far have got to W5R3. My family are HUGELY supportive and like you I'm so pleased that I started this programme and immensely grateful that at my age I can even go running at all. Keep going, let's keep the oldies running!! It might be harder for us than for some of our "younger" brethren, but certainly I'm a stubborn determined old fool .....

  • Congratulations on your week 2 and happy birthday! Good work both of you ๐Ÿ˜†

  • Happy Birthday Gretandra ๐Ÿ˜Š..

    Its wonderful that you and your husband have taken up the c25k plan.Well done to you both and keep posting..xx

  • Oh well done both of you, that is excellent! Keep going it will be worth it. I run with my hubby too, it's great to have a running buddy.

    Hope you have a fabulous birthday ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿพ


    Oh and I saw your other post too, took me longer than the plan to 'graduate' eventually around week 7/8 , I found running 3 times a week too much, I got overuse injuries, dropped back to running twice a week and I haven't looked back since.......๐Ÿ˜„.......

  • Well done, now time to celebrate. Have a wonderful birthday x

  • Wow ! Happy Birthday!

    Well done for doing this, you are going to surprise everyone.. wonderful!

    Keep posting and we will be here cheering you on!

    We can shock our children even as we get older...such fun.! :) Just keep it slow and steady.. Your journey, your way! :)

  • Fabulous ! Just Fabulous ! Happy Birthday....

  • Brilliant ! Happy Birthday and a Big Well Done to you both! :-) xxx

  • Go you! Hope you're having a happy day. Very inspirational!

  • Brilliant, good for you. Happy Birthday.

  • Wonderful! And Happy Birthday!โ˜บ

  • Congratulations on your birthday and on completing wk 2 run 2. Great looking couple.

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) and well done on your run :)

  • Great to see what you are doing!! I started C25K just over 3 years ago at age 67 -- now 70, I am currently training myself for my third Half Marathon in April and will do my 100th Parkrun just before that . I am not a natural runner and am slow - but I have always taken it easily and conservatively and ( touch wood) have never had any kind of running injury over my past almost 3000 klms. My primary aim is just to keep on doing it - I run 4 times per week , different kinds of runs and different distances - I think I have now made it a permanent life "habit" such that if I miss a day and don't run for a few days I get quite "antsy" :)

  • Well done and Happy Birthday! You've certainly wiped the cocky smirk off this 62 year old!

    Go for it and I sincerely hope to follow in your footsteps!

  • Well done keep going

  • Happy birthday. What a lovely inspiring post! Great photo too.

    I hope the family are suitably impressed when they find out. I'm sure they'll be very proud. Maybe shocked too. :)

    Someone I know drove past me when I was out running a number of months ago. He didn't know that I'd lost weight or that I'd taken up running. I saw him do a total double take and the car swerve slightly. Fortunately he didn't drive into a ditch though!

  • Happy Birthday! You're both looking fabulous and well done on nearing the end of Week 2!

  • Aww. Happy birthday and well done. Can't wait to hear about when you surprise the family with your running adventures.

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