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W5R1 Here we go again!

In the end I decided to give it a go at W5, and to be honest I have found this first run easier than W4! You guys gave me a really good piece of advice telling me to move on. Up to this point I take Laura's word as gospel, if she says I can do it, then I can! I'm beginning to feel how my fitness is improving, I don't get breathless so easily although my hamstrings get tight and sore. I guess my body is adjusting. What exercises do you use to stretch?

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Absolutely - Laura knows best! :) Well done for getting out there and doing it.

I think stretching is great for tight and sore muscles. Google some stretches for specific muscles and you'll be able to find some youtube tutorials. Well done again for starting Week 5 off so well!

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Great going yaskas!

That Laura definitely knows what she's up to😉

As Melly says, Google hamstring stretches and you'll find some great tutorials online. I found that using a foam roller really helped too.😊

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I'll give a try to the foam roller. Thank you!


Well done yaskas...

Do your stretching after your run while your muscles ard still warm. Drink water afterwards too as your muscles need it.

Week 5 is a good one.. good luck😊


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