Barking at the moon and a fish plate!

So my plans for week 5 were full of angst about where and how as I travelled round the country. Unfortunately all went pear shaped as on Monday the dreaded lurgy struck... gave up the travels on Wednesday night with an extended trip home due to "a broken fish plate outside Grantham" (apparently it joins two bits of rail together) followed by a train in front with brake problems... I was in my fat pants and dressing gown within 3 seconds of opening the front door; what a blessed relief!

It seems that a nocturnal, demented walrus has taken up residence in my chest and is keeping me (my husband, my neighbours and the cat) awake so it can bark at the moon. Although I now feel considerably better, I'm still barking away. But the sound is beginning to be drowned out by that voice in my head that says if I don't get out there and run, I'll never go again. I so don't want to give up, but I'm just not sure how to approach this. Do I attempt to carry on where I left off? Do I start again? Do I go back to bed with a hot water bottle and a medicinal gin?

Help me people!

(PS... I'm also thinking of lobbying for penalty fares for people who moan for 30 minutes or more when sitting on a delayed train. How many times do you have to point out to someone that trains can't overtake each other unless there's a siding and there aren't any between Selby and Hull? So no, "they" can't do anything about it...just SHUT UP!!) Sorry...needed to get that out!


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8 Replies

  • Check my last post out.." There is a voice... "

    Listen to your body..however much that run urge is there.., ( think pesky gremlins trying to trick you) listen to your body ...please :)

    Anything chesty.. nope! Do not run.. you know the above the neck or below the neck rule.

    You will go out again.. it is clear from your post, one determined feisty lady..( bit like me really :)) Your bod will tell you when, and then steady and slow!

    There are so many of us on or just off the IC... I took my first post-IC run on Tuesday...we all want to get out there in spite of everything but, we have to be sensible.

    So.. I vote bed, snuggle up and the medicinal gin... not worth being crocked for weeks.. the runs will still be there. :)


    Some folk just love to moan.. about anything .. they should take up running! x

  • Another vote for bed and medicinal gin, take your time and make sure you're fully recovered first, you WILL get back out there honestly.

    As for folk on the train, some people just like to complain don't they, agree they should take up running :)

  • Not got much to offer apart from don't go out to soon - listen to your body - I'd be inclined to wait until you're over ready rather than nearly ready and pushing yourself (if that makes sense) at this point. When I had to have a week off with a cold and cough I started where I left off with the proviso that I'd drop back a run or two if it really felt to much.

    And, yes, penalty points, definitely!

  • Thanks pollyp1 its that conundrum of am I well enough and the idea that it's better to be over rather than under ready is helpful. It'll be the medicinal gin today then!

  • Medicinal gin's always a good idea - maybe not just yet tho!

  • Do I have to wait for sunset?

  • Gin time any time if its medicinal is my understanding. Stay tucked up and start planning routes for when you are properly well. Then just go back a run or two and see how you go from there😀🏃🏻‍♀️

  • Lol. Nope, I think a lunch time gin is perfectly acceptable! (although I might adopt Jacs-W philosophy, although with whisky. Unfortunately I feel fine at the moment!) Hope you feel better soon.

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