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Anyone else?


I'm curious, does anyone else find the walk breaks a bit of a pain? As in I just seem to start getting into a nice rhythm and then the lovely Sarah Millican tells me to walk, then when I start the next run I feel like it takes me five minutes to get back into a nice steady pace again, would love to say Im looking forward to W5R3 tomorrow because there are NO walk breaks but fear I may end up eating my words.

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Oh good, not just me then! There's no doubt it takes me a few minutes to get into my stride and breathing, so although I've never been disappointed to stop when told, it feels such hard work to get going again!

I was due to start wk5 on Monday but have been struck down this week...still debating when to try again and whether to go back or carry on.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to MotwCoop

Start it but just take it slowly and steadily.. your body will soon let you know if you are pushing it too hard :)

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to MotwCoop

Nope not just you, like you I'm not disappointed when told to stop, usually quite grateful! But I do find it hard to get back into my stride.

Hope you feel better soon but not sure if you should start wk5 or go back to wk4 again, sure someone who's been there will advise soon. Good luck :)


I think some folk do feel the same, but I think as someone posted last week, it is a carefully structured programme and is about more than running. There is, I think she said, a discipline to the whole thing... like taking our rest days and not going too fast too soon.

I think the walk and the run is intended to build up our stamina.. the getting going again after the walking intervals, may be hard initially, when you are just in your stride etc..., but gets easier...:)

After Graduation, that is the time for getting going on your own journey, in the way you want..but you will be absolutely confident in the knowledge you are able to do it because of the rigours of C25K:)

Speaking personally, now I do, take some runs which do have walking intervals..but then I am an Old Snail :) x

giddyauntsGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks Oldfloss, must admit I did struggle with the discipline to start with but am behaving and sticking religiously to the program now, doing me the world of good psychologically too :)

I'm sure I will be begging Sarah to tell me to walk on Sunday when there are no walk breaks.


I did by the time I hit w5r2. R3 challenges everyone but it was nice to be able to get into a rhythm; just approach it with an open mind and a slow and steady pace and you'll be great.

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