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Couch to 5K
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Map My Fitness makes it look like I live on a mountain!

I don't. I live on rolling Downland.

Laura only got turned on after I had been out of the house for a couple of minutes, mostly because I was looking for her in the wronf place on my phone.

As you can see, I misjudged my first slow section - partly because I had to jog on the spot while keeping the dog off the track so a car could go past - and hit my first uphill just as the first fast section started!

Still, I made it and after that it was all downhill as they say. Shame it wasn't the literal truth.

Had another jogging on the spot moment for a (possibly) different car on tbe way back, but I was jogging in time to the beat still so it counts, right?

Ignore that very last spike, it's where I bent down to put the lead back on the dog. 😆

It was good to have you along with me CookieM.

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Unfortunately, I didn't make it out tonight :(

I spent the day at school knowing I was going to out and do this when I got home, but while I was sitting in a meeting I started coughing, and by the time I was driving from school to teach a couple of piano lessons I needed to use my inhaler. I think some of the delightful little children I teach have shared yet another lurgy with me. Unfortunately, being asthmatic, colds tend to go straight to my chest!! Hopefully it will be short lived (and not last 2 weeks like the last one), as I really wanted to do parkrun on Saturday (it will be my first one, and possibly the only Saturday I can get there this month!) :(

Sorry :(

But glad you got out there and tried it - I promise I will try it next week (providing I'm back out and running!) :)

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Look after yourself..make sure you are totally well before you go out again.


I will - here's hoping it's just a little blip!!

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