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Advice on starting Week 9 please

OK, I'm about to finish Week 8 and looking forward to Graduating soon. I normally run Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays but next Tuesday I have to go for an NHS Cardiac Stress Test on a treadmill. I've had a look at a vid of what I can expect but they use a fairly overweight bloke sweating at a fast walking pace for that - so probably not what I can expect in terms of what sort of effort I'm going to have to put in. All I really know is that the whole thing normally takes 30 minutes including getting the sensors fitted and a cool-down. Probably about 15 -20 minutes max on the treadmill is my expectation.

Anyway, the question is, do I try to do my normal regime and ignore the test? Alternatively I could do my Monday run and then see what it's like or wait until Wednesday or Thursday to start W9. My expectation is that at this stage, putting the equivalent of a short run inbetween two 30 min runs is not likely to be a big deal. But what do I know?

Week 9 is so important to me and I don't want to screw it up!

As every, thanks for your help!

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If its possible i would run Monday, go for the test Tuesday and then decide. Be prepared for your usual mon, wed, friday runs BUT be flexible and if need be, assuming you can do so in your schedule flex to run Thurs and Saturday. Dont be concerned about an extra days rest, it will do more good than harm 😀🏃🏻


I agree with Jacs, do your Monday run as normal. See how intense the cardiac test is and make a decision on whether to run Wednseday or have a rest day until Thursday.

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Starting on Monday and then doing Thursday and Saturday might be your best plan. Hope everything goes well with the stress test ☺

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Well, I've started - my first 30 minute run - Whoo! Let's see what happens at the hospital tomorrow and then I'll plan the rest of the week. I'd like to run on Wednesday and Friday if I can as I'm going away at the weekend - it won't be impossible to run but it will be difficult.


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