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Old year, new me? W7r2

Yes, I seem to be getting back into the groove with this running lark. DD1 (might have to start calling her Miss Rainbow!) and I ran together again this morning - her W1r3, my W7r2.

Yet again I thought I was going as slowly as possible - and discovered at the end I'd gone quicker than usual 🙄 But at least that goes some way to explaining why it felt as difficult as it did! That and the fact that I often find run 2 the hardest for some reason.

It was a route I've not run in quite a long while so that probably didn't help. But I made it through, so run 3 beckons... And Miss Rainbow moves on to week 2 now.

Sadly I won't be able to get out for even a five minute jog tomorrow, I don't think, to start the new year - but roll on Tuesday evening and I'll face down that final run of week 7.

Happy new year and happy running to all on here - here's to another year of friendly support and encouragement. 😊🥂🍾

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I'm sure ending the old year with a run is as good as starting the New Year with one. Well done to both of you, long may it continue.

I'm going to spend most of today driving, but right now I need to give the grandsprocket his breakfast and then get the dog out.

Happy New Year


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