Happy Shortest Day, Folks.

Happy Shortest Day, Folks.

Apologies to anyone on the Equator or in the Southern Hemisphere. Look away now. :)

This is my first winter as a runner. When, by the way, will I start to feel confident describing myself as a runner? I always want to laugh when I say that, or qualify the statement with a list of my shortcomings!

Anyway, it's been interesting to experience winter and I've found it quite hard. I leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark. I want to get in and stay in when I get home. Actually I'm quite attracted to the idea of hibernation. I miss the lovely rural routes I can only do in daylight. I'm stuck with running through the streets which is fine but not so nice. And I'm aware that some other runners - maybe some of you - share these feelings.

But cheer up if you do. Today is the shortest day. From tomorrow onwards we can look forward to longer evenings and it won't be long till we start noticing the days lengthening. And the farther north you are (I'm in Perth, Scotland) and the shorter your shortest day is today, the more your patience will be rewarded with gloriously long summer evenings. EVENTUALLY. :)


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  • Yeah!!!! I know just what you mean abou hibernating! Bring on those longer days πŸ˜€πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Yay!!

    I am actually considering doing a run at lunchtime, the dark nights are so bad. Don't know if I have the courage to sit in the office for the afternoon with my bright tomato face on.

  • I've done one lunchtime run. Had to give myself a wash in the ladies' loo with a flannel instead of having a shower. And yes, there's the small matter of the tomato face too! It was good though. I might well do it again.

  • WE have showers in work so that side of things shouldn't be a problem. Maybe I can switch a desklamp on beside me. This could over power the brightness of my face.

  • You've been counting the days to this moment πŸ˜‰ So now it's heading back in the right direction!

    And of course now that you're a runner, you can experience the changing days up close:)

  • I'm a rural runner, too - but I do quite like running round my village in the dark. My revelation ('scuse the pun!) was getting a chest torch so I can see and be seen. And I have LED armbands, and LED shoelaces to brighten me up too! So yes, my way of dealing with the dark is to deck myself out like a mobile Christmas tree - and at this time of year, to enjoy seeing everyone's Christmas lights too :)

  • Yes, the Christmas lights are a good thing to enjoy. I do love Christmas trees and fairy lights.

  • I was wondering about a chest torch actually. We'll see if there's any money left in January... :)

  • Bitter experience on the chest torch would say don't buy the cheap one on Amazon - it comes with a one month returns policy and (deservedly) rubbish reviews. The front light on mine stopped working, and the switch got dislodged while I was out in the dark on Sunday.

    I'm going to get the one from Decathlon now, and hope that's better... Certainly running with the chest torch is very comfortable, and the light is nice and steady.

  • I can recommend the Decathlon chest torch, I love mine! I've got the Aldi flashing arm bands too........I look like a mobile Christmas decoration, BUT I can't be missed that's for sure πŸŽ„πŸŒŸ

  • Or maybe, just maybe, Santa is reading your post right now and making a note ;) x

  • I wish! Maybe if I'm *really* good over the next few days... ;)

  • Yah oo ! Yes ! Oh I cant wait for the lighter evenings, Anne :-)

    I run after work and its a right pain in the dark. I cant see where Im going half of the time .

    Roll on Spring :-) xxx

  • Anne, can you drive or bus to a Parkrun on Saturday's?

  • I cycle to parkrun!

    And I'm off tomorrow so I'm looking forward to getting out in the daylight then too.

  • Hibernation...I knew there was an alternative ;)

  • LOL McF! ;)

  • Something to look forward to longer days. I do like to run in light. Especially on my 2 days off and know forecast for sunshine is very likely I will hold off my run till sun comes out between 9 and 10 am.

    Otherwise given that I am always up early even on my days off I will go out early between 6 and 7.30 am. Am itching to go. I can read and do domestic stuff but am itching to get my run done so don't mind running in dark beside lake and canal.

    To save time my 3rd run is done running to work a 6am on a Friday.

    I prefer anything to rain !

    Have a good Christmas All !

  • I don't mind the rain (too much!) it's the wind I don't like!

  • Yes, I am with you on that one Davoda, rain doesn't bother me, now I know to wear a peaked cap to stop the rain drops on my glasses. It's the wind that suddenly hits you when you have gone around a corner, you can feel your speed decrease in an instant, and it seems to go right through you! :)

  • I'm definitely with you on the hibernation front.....I hate the winter..(it's the dark mainly) .....luckily I'm able to run a bit later in the mornings now. But I did used to go out in the dark, LED arm bands, loads of reflective stuff etc.,

    Soooo happy we're officially on our way back to spring..... looks like you've got some rough old weather on the way over the next day or two Anne....keep safe.


  • I wondered if I could dig out the children's orange inflatable arm bands and wear those! LOL! (My kiddies are now 22 and 18, AND I am very proud to announce, can SWIM unaided! Chest sticks out and fixed grin appears on face!) Ha ha x

  • Yes - much as I like running round the streets near my house, I much prefer the woods nearby and can't wait to be able to come home from work and run through them again!! :D

  • Hibernation should definitely be an option. I am about as grumpy as a bear so I should definitely get to sleep more. I love early morning running, but I can't always face it when it is so dark. Bring on Spring!

  • Yep, am looking forward to lighter mornings so I feel safer running on the quieter roads. It's probably silly but I don't want to run them in the dark on my own!

  • "Hee ven tue ah lee" said Manuel in Faulty Towers. Loved that post and loved that series. Also loved that photo. That is such great news! Shortest day done and dusted (almost!) Anne you are a star AND I have still got my Advent Calendar window to open today . . . and it's got a little chocolate inside it! :) Oooh! :)

  • Missed this one when you made it. Your long days are definitely worth waiting for.

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