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Couch to 5K
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I did it

Week 9 run 3 on this lovley day, never thought i would get here, as it was hard running 60 seconds in week 1, a bonus is i have lost 8 inches.

an added attraction while i was runiing around the track was being able to watch the Toronto Wolfpack rugby league team training, i took my mind of the 30 mins lol. Thnak you all for the support and postive comments on her ei really appreciated them.

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Well done!


Thank you


Congratulations Kaz - enjoy that amazing feeling!


Brilliant, congratulations! Time to party and celebrate!

Hit the pinned post on the right ' December graduation badges' and leave your details! The graduation fairies will do the rest!


Congratulations! And I bet you did it in darn cold conditions up there! Well done Runner! :)


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