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MoRunning; Advice needed

I signed up to do a 5k MoRun* a while back, fully expecting to be on Week 6, Run 3! Which hasn't happened, following a few minor niggles in my ankles and calves.

The run is tomorrow, and I completed W5: R3 yesterday with no problems. So now I'm not sure how to plan my run, do I

1) Run for the 20 minutes, see how I feel and then do a previous week's run/walk combo till I get to the end?

2) Run for the 20 minutes, see how I feel and then attempt to do W6: R1to get me to the end?

3) Do W6: R1 from start to finish, repeating as necessary?

I really felt like I could have done plenty more last night, so I'm kind of leaning towards 1) or 2) especially as I'll have fellow runners to keep my spirits up.

* Local MoRun is dog friendly so I thought it would make a good place for the girls to run in a different environment without it actually being a race with a lot of very hyped up dogs around.

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Definitely do your Mo-Run. It's a great charity and such good fun. Personally I'd just let go of all thoughts if a planned run. If it's your first race, the excitement of the occasion will take over and sabotage your plan anyway. Just keep it steady and run as much of it as you can, taking walk breaks if you need to. You'll find there are some fast runners and lots of slow ones. My sister 'ran' with her 6 year old granddaughter last year (or rather they alternately sprinted and walked, as 6 year olds do.) They finished in around 45 minutes, and they definitely weren't the last. Good luck, it really is the best fun :)


Totally agree with AM. Just go there, enjoy the atmosphere, make it a mixture of running when you feel like it and walking when you feel like that. Have fun. At the end of the day, that's what will carry your running forward.

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I agree with the others just see how you feel & go with the flow!😊 I have gone out some nights & struggled after 10 mins but once I got into run just kept going & very slowly completed 5k!! Other nights just did 3.5k but I'm out there instead of on the couch🏃🏃😊! Good for you going on the run ENJOY😊x

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Ooh, good luck today :)

To give yourself a wee plan of the 20 minutes solid and then see how it goes is how I would play it :)

I've only done a few events but I find my plodding pace sees me amongst run/walkers and it can be tempting to stop running and walk more as it can feel a little disheartening! I haven't succumbed though, I know that for me I'm burning extra calories and working my cardiovascular system that bit harder by keeping solid-plodding. It kills me at the time but I feel VERY proud at the end even if my time isn't fabulous!!

If you get niggles whilst out there today you must listen to them though. They must be allowed to change your plan. Cut back your pace or extend your walking to running ratio etc.

Hopefully, all niggles and gremlins will be scared off by the excitement of your first event.

Whatever you end up doing- ENJOY it :)

Good luck xx


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