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I'm back .... well sort of!!!

Thanks to all the really up-beat encouragement on this blog I'm back. I started the C25K a little while back, stopped because I found it frankly too hard for me (despite being active in other ways, like gym, rowing machine etc.) : why did I stop? Well ... a veritable mixture of huge numbers of very vocal gremlins, setting myself over-ambitious targets/expectations & giving in to feeling tired! (WIMP!!!!!) Everyone to their own, but I decided that a pre-C25K was what I needed, so I found a 3 week programme and have nearly finished week 3 of that programme. It means I can re-start C25K sometime next week. . Thanks to all you guys I am DETERMINED to get there in the end ... if it means repeating weeks as I go along then that will be disappointing but OK. Help keep me motivated, please! Glad to be (aalmost) back.

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My mum is fond of saying, "Take the long term view!" about things. It sounds as though that's what you've done. You've found a way to make this happen and you're going for it. So well done. xx


What a good idea to do the 3 week course - great that you're about to re-start C25K. Make sure you run really slowly - it helps such a lot! Enjoy!


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