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Week 9 Run 1 - Alone in the dark

I went for my first Week 9 run last night, turning out about 8:40 - it was cold, but dry, and I went the same sort of route as my last Week 8 run. It's amazing how disorienting it was, in retrospect, doing a different route last time - you get used to the landmarks, so you can think "It's about 8 minutes to that sign, then from the bridge to the end it's another five....." - I hadn't realised until last night the comfort of knowing without having to hear Laura say so when I was reaching particular points as I pounded the streets with barely anyone else in sight....

It's something of a shock to realise as well that I ran for 30 minutes and actually ran within myself - when the minute to go was announced, I felt good enough to pick up the pace for it and the tracker showed a big increase in pace (well for me) - instead of my usual 7:30 per KM it upped to about 5:30 for that last minute! I suspect that since my aborted attempt at one of the Week 7 runs I've been a little over-cautious - though that gives me something to build on post-graduation.

Talking of which, what tips do people have for keeping going as a post-grad? I don't really want to be upping the distance too much, partly as I'm not convinced I'll ever have time to do longer (ie an hour or more) runs. I'm thinking trying to do a Parkrun maybe once a month as a focus to keep going, and maybe find a set route and see if I can work on a PB, but other advice welcome!

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Having a focus keeps you going, eg a race ! They are lots of fun. Who knew!!!!!! Downloading a free training plan, or coming up with one of your own, helps you to keep turning out to run when you might otherwise find something else to occupy your time; something which might not be as healthy.

I hope you will continue to run. I'm so glad I have.


For keeping going as a post grad you would need to run for 30 mins 3 times a week, at the very minimum twice a week, supplemented by low impact sports on some rest days.. 😊


Well done ! First thing is to let us know how you are going to celebrate I had a magnum (Ice Cream) back in the Summer ages ago! Now running about 6K over 40 minutes but happy with anythin30 minutes plus 2 days per week. Sometimes fit in 3 by running to work (4 and bit K).

Good to have a cunning plan post graduation. Running now a good habit I supplement with cycling to work 5 days (unless I run 1 day).

I am happy with my fitness and health and well being and want to keep it that way. It has made such a big difference to my mental outlook and sharpness also.

Although I do like a challenge. I mix up routes running down local canal and lakes and do some inclines. Have no choice but to run up hill (now do in full). I post on a pinned post referred to as a quest where some of us set some modest goals to achieve over 6 weeks and discuss the "good the bad or the ugly" of what we achieve or not.

Like you I don't have time to do much more than hour at most other life stuff interferes !

The main thing is to remember your original motivation and make it a good habit. Park runs are a good idea. Some even drag their children and assorted relatives around with them !

Keep us all posted on how you progress !


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