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Today was one of those days!

So today I took to the park in the rain to do Week 6 Run 1 after getting my back and left leg reset (stiff hamstrings causing havoc in my toes and thigh!). This is what happened:

1. My shoes were waterlogged after five minutes.

2. One shoe nearly came off entirely, so I had to stop to put it back on!

3. My phone auto-dialled my daughter at school and I was struggling to stop it, and then my music crashed.

4. My feet got bad cramps so had to stop for a little while before restarting.

5. I couldn't see through my glasses from the rain and from the heat from my face making them steam up.

6. I was so exhausted I could hardly drag my sorry self back home.

I made it through but, goodness, what a challenge! And my body feels decimated after this. I hope next run is better, LOL!

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You've struggled through a bad run without giving up so feel proud of yourself. There will be bad runs, meh ones and ones that make you smile afterwards and look forwards to the next ones...:-)

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Thanks - I need to remember this! The last run I did was great - today was sooo bad! Fingers crossed for next time. :-)

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Well done, getting through this catalogue of challenges. I've been lucky so far to have missed the rain on my runs. I'm not looking forward to it, as, like you, I wear glasses.

Well done for completing. :-)

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Yes, I'll have to order some contact lenses I think!


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