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Couch to 5K
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Not sure where to go from here

I've been away from running for 3 months with one thing and another. I'm coming back to it but have obviously lost a bit of fitness etc in the 3 months.

Before the 3 months I was running 5k in 45 mins and doing it nonstop. Coming back to it I thought I'd start easy and went back to W5R1. I managed the run but the 3rd 5 mins was tough and afterwards I hurt loads. Today I did W5R2 and found it tough going but did it. I'm just wondering if I should attempt W5R3 or Jump to W6R1 where I'll still be walking.

Any thoughts on what's the best way to get back into it to build myself backup safely, quickly and hopefully without injury?



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There no great rush is there Sezza. Why not drop right back and do one run from each of the early weeks. By the time you reach w5 again you'll be better prepared for the 20min run. Good luck.

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Go running!😁 Seriously, take it easy, warm up nicely then slow jog, I think you know the score, restart at what week you think best for you..😊


Well done for getting back into it . As others say there's no rush. As I say my old boss used to say need something doing "yesterday". My motto is:- When aske to do something in a hurry and jump to it don't say "How high should I jump" Say "Where's the fire" !

Take it steady and enjoy your on your own time don't forget.


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