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I got to 4k , my run felt good ..... I completed it after attending my slimming world group and was up 1/2 lbs😤😤😤 . I was fuming and therefore went faster😜

Not sure re the 6.20/km the split on the app shows 7.19 maybe that was my fastest one .... I'll say it again I don't want to get hung up on speed/distance but I prove to myself I'm improving, and not been lazy on my run which I have been at times. I can see 5 k in the distance but no hurry 😜.

Happy running

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Well done ! With making progress on this C25K I'm sure your 1/2lb is just a blip. I'm at the end of my weight loss and my weight from week to week can go up or down 1 or 2 lb. Not sure how far you are into yours. some say that the exercise may lose fat but add muscle.

I lost about 3 stone over last 2 years from 13 stone to 10St 4lb putting me just 2Lb over what is considered normal BMI for a person of my height as the song goes "5 Foot 2 Eyes of Blue".

I'm not getting hung up on the 2lb . I think the BMI is a good guide but we all know no matter what your height everyone is different. I reckon I'm all muscle !!

Despite cycling 2 or 3 times to work my weight never really shifted. Although I never really considered myself unfit. All those birthday cakes etc. and other excuses staff bring food in for didn't help.

I became semi-retired in January Had a bit of a health wake up call. Not officially diabetic I was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure.

So cutting out and being away from the snacking environment at work helped.

Cycling to and from my part time "Mr Mop" cleaning job for 2 hours swinging that mop did some of it.

What really worked though was over the 9 week C25K I lost 10lbs. I don't drink alcohol now (although I only used to drink at special occasions not regularly). I'm not advocating abstinence it just happened to work for me. More the reaction to the sugar than alcohol was making it not enjoyable anyway and don't miss it.

I know it's difficult having to fit in work and family stuff and people are under pressure. I am lucky in having more time to plan and work on my health and fitness.

I do 40 minutes regularly now. I think they say to work on the time for stamina and not worry about distance and speed is right. In my 40 minutes I may do 6K and a little bit more. I do like a challenge as you do. I am gradually getting a bit further up the hill near my home at end of run.

Overall I will not do much more than 40 minutes in future given time and family pressures etc. But am happy with that.

When I drop down to 5K I find that I can work on running it a bit faster. I find anyway that my speed increases naturally without really trying anyway. The thing is to be happy .

I say to myself "My aim was to run 30 minutes 2 times a week (3 if I can fit it in) anything else is a bonus" I've also given myself a buffer whereby I never set myself up for a bad run !

I'm happy with my health and well being and the running has become a good habit.

Let us all know how you progress .


'The thing is to be happy' - so true! That's the real motivation!


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