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Week 4, you are forgiven

Went out at lunchtime, my legs still went wobbly, but not until the final run this time. I didnt trip over the dog, although a rather large labrador cross had to be held back by its owner as it was ready to go for him. Luckily I didnt get to the corner a few seconds later as it gave her the time to get it back on the leash, no idea why people let their dogs run free when they know they are aggressive.

I digress, one run to go this week and im hoping I reach the end before I go wobbly this time. Personal victory for today though is that I wore leggings out for the first time, brill to run in but I dont have the figure for them (yet!) But hey, my comfort is important if im gonna keep this up, anyone that doesnt like the view can avert their eyes

Stupid grin firmly back in place until my wee one wakes up as her painkillers will have worn off.

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Well done ! Glad to see you've still got your stupid grin !

I know what you mean about dogs. On my runs mostly on leashes and well behaved. I like to change to canal rather than lake sometimes . There are less dogs and humans !

Don't worry about the leggings bet you'll soon to joining me in the "Baggy Pants Club"


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