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1st Park Run Done

Did my first park run on Saturday at Hackney Marshes. Finished 159 of 163 runners and a time of 36.30 so I am quite pleased with myself. I plan to do one every month and will try to improve my times at each one.

I must say they were so friendly, I was terrified as all the runners looked like they knew what they were doing. One of the faster runners even high fived me when she was on the way back (2.5k out and 2.5k back), and said you can do this, made me feel really good. It was also lovely that 4 of the early finishers came back to the 500m to go point to cheer the stragglers on.

I started my run with a brief warm up walk and started running after about 2 minutes of walking so I managed to run for 34.30 minutes, well happy.

Plan now that I have graduated is to build up distance during 30 minutes of running. I go out at 5.10 in the morning and need to be showered dressed and ready to go to work at 6.20, but might move one of my runs to a Saturday morning so that I can do a longer run, will see how it goes, but plan on continuing the running as it makes my day go much better.

Take care all

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Wow, that is a really good time - one second off my personal best that's taken me ages to get to! But then we do have an absolute b*****d of a hill right at the end of our course! It's a great atmosphere, I love the parkruns. Runners always cheer each other on and give encouragement, it's super! Next time try doing your warm up walk before the start - that way you won't be at the back and you'll no doubt easily manage to run the rest - and get a new PB! Good luck!


Thank you will go again in a few weeks


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