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Second time round

Hi all, I'm new here and would like some advice please. I started c25k last September (2015) and by November I was up to running 5k/30 mins. I religiously went running 3 times in 8 days (shift worker) till August this year. I never really improved on time or distance but mid june I seemed to lose all energy and struggled to run for 20 mins. I'm putting it down to motivation. So I've started again from week 4 and intend to continue on to 10K this time. Can anyone recommend an app or podcast that would help, or any advice on keeping motivated once I'm back up to running 5k. Thanks in advance

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Once you have finished with C25K, if you have a look at the Bridge to 10K community they should help!

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Thanks for that

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We can't really motivate you, you have to do that for yourself. We can give you a shove when you need it though

Stepping Stones podcasts are good post C25k. You can run those thoroughly before embarking on training for a 10k. I used Bridge to 10k with Sami Murphy. I use it all the time, still! I like the music

If you are heading for 10k it would help to do some cross training on your non run days, eg walking, cycling, swimming or zumba etc etc or strength work at home or gym

Good luck with it

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Hi and welcome back.As misswobble says..C25K+ podcasts are very useful...and Sami Murphy also..good music 🙂

Again..other exercises will be useful to build up strength and stamina.

The rest is up to you..this is the point where you find out who you really are...🙂 and who you want to be..🙂

So..are you ready to start again?


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