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Chasing Poldark

Well Week 6 run 1 was horrible but yesterday run2 was great. A tall ship greeted me as I reached the cliff top ( Hense chasing Poldark) and the 10, 3 and 10 suited my mood. I ran further and quicker than I had before. No idea why? My osteopath has told me not to do more than 20 minutes run until we strengthen my gluteus Maximus. It is weak on the left side causing hip ache. Oh how I laughed when he told me...I mean, really?! But after the run, not even a niggle. And I missed the rain shower by a minute. Bonus. No run until Friday now because of parents evenings but next week is half term so fingers crossed, I may be able to do Week 7 all being well.

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Well done. Keep plugging away 😊


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