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W6R2 slowing getting there!

I think I actually ran longer than 10 minutes during the first run as I accidentally pressed the wrong button and restarted the podcast so I reset it to the nearest time I could remember but I think I ran 4-5 minutes more!

Getting there slowly, feeling so much better, getting my former figure back slowly (used to be a very slim size 8/10) and after 2 babies and nearly 40 that really boost my confidence


Happy running everybody!

Best thing ever :)

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Wow... looking fine and feeling good.. well done you.. and an extra bit as well... :)

keep it slow, and keep it steady.. that is the way to that podium! :)


I did that on one of the early runs,thought - no biggie,just let it go to the end and let it repeat until the point where I'd started,worked fine :)


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